Important Busing Information 2015-2016 SY

Dear Parents/Guardians

There have been significant changes to the majority of bus routes in the District.  For safety and security reasons, all students who ride to/from school must be assigned to a bus route.  Excluding our Special Needs students, all other students have been assigned to a single bus route based on their home address*.  

This letter is to notify you that new bus route information will be available online July 6, 2015.

The new route information is available at –

This link is also available on the Vail School District website on the Transportation Department webpage.  To find your bus stop, type in your street address, school of attendance (and grade), and zip code.  Then “click” the “my bus stops” button.  The published information will give you bus route numbers, and pick up or drop off times for full day and half day schedules.  If selected, the system will also give you AM and PM kindergarten information.

Please feel free to call any of the following numbers if you have any questions:

Mary St. John                        879-2056
Leslie Incontrera                    879-2479
John Mros                              879-2432
Transportation Dispatch        879-2497


John Nunes

Assistant Director – Transportation

*There a very few exceptions to the home address policy.  You must contact the Transportation Department to check for eligibility for a student to ride a route other than to and from their home.  An example of riding a different route would be a split household with both parents living in the District.  Please be advised that any arrangements made in prior years are no longer valid.