Student Pick Up Procedures

Dismissal Expectations & Procedures

Cottonwood is committed to your child’s safety.  Children will be walked to the bus-loading zone. All students are required to bring a note to the office if their mode of transportation leaving school is different than the usual, designated mode.

 For the safety and protection of your child, the school does not allow him/her to be picked up directly from the classroom/school grounds before the regular dismissal time.

While we highly discourage early dismissal, if necessary, please come to the front office to sign your child out. Each child who is excused early must be released through the office.

If your child is returning to school from an appointment before the school day ends, please escort him/her to the office so you can personally sign him/her in.

Dismissal Expectations

  1. Students are to leave school grounds promptly unless afterschool activities are prearranged.
  2. Bus riders will be escorted to buses by their teachers.
  3. Students who will be picked up by parents are to wait in designated pick up areas.
  4. There is no skate-boarding, bike/scooter riding or rollerblading within the campus, or in the bus bay area.
  5. K-1st grades will use the office exit.  2nd, 4th, and 5th grades will use the playground exit (unless students has a sibling in K-1st, then they may use the office exit). 3rd grade will use the front cafeteria gate.  Afternoon Kindergarten will dismiss from the east parking lot.

Parking Lot Safety

Please utilize the pick-up/drop-off loops by quickly having your student enter/exit your vehicle, from the passenger side, and promptly moving through the loop to the exit. Please remember that parking is not permitted along the pick-up/ drop-off loops or red curb areas.

In addition, please observe the following safety procedures:

  • Use crosswalk when crossing the street.
  • Use designated crosswalks in the parking lot.
  • U-turns on Rees Loop are prohibited.
  • Walking in between buses is prohibited.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to go beyond the crosswalk located behind the cafeteria.
  • Leaving vehicles unattended and parking in the pick-up/drop-off loops is prohibited.
  • It is expected that students will be escorted when crossing through the parking lot.
  • Please observe the proper speed when traveling through the parking lot.
  • Parking in not permitted on Rees Loop within the school zone.

*Please note that per federal law smoking (including e-cigarettes or similar products) is not permitted on campus. This includes smoking in your vehicles in the parking lot.

For the safety of our students, your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated!

Parking Lot Video



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